Inception, Star Trek and Fast Five heading back to IMAX theaters for reasons unknown

As part of something called "IMAX Big Movie Week," AMC is bringing back INCEPTION, STAR TREK and FAST FIVE into IMAX theaters for a week from September 30th (today) to October 6th. Though all are showing on IMAX screens, tickets are only $7, as opposed to the $12-$15 they usually are for the format.

I guess this might be a statement that implies there aren't too many good movies out at the moment, which is why AMC feels they can give up theater space for films that were released months and years ago.

Strangely, none of these movies were actually shot in IMAX (though parts of INCEPTION take advantage of the format to a degree), so really you'll just be seeing them on a slightly bigger screen than normal, as IMAX these days isn't anything like the truly titanic screens the brand used to boast.

I would probably shell out to see INCEPTION one more time in theaters as I've had a hankering to watch it again lately. For those who missed any of these movies, it could be worthwhile, especially for a reduced ticket price, and looking over the current theater line-up, in terms of pure quality these are likely your best bets at the moment, at least in terms of blockbusters.

Extra Tidbit: What movie would you love to see brought back to theaters for a limited time?
Source: SlashfilmAMC



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