Independence Day: Resurgence comic prequel will link back to first film

So what happened all these years between where we've already been - INDEPENDENCE DAY - and where we're going - INDEPENDENCE DAY: INSURGENCE? It appears we're going to find out with a comic book prequel set to take place after the events of the 1996 blockbuster that will ultimately tie into the events set to occur in the coming sequel 20 years later. 

The yet-to-be-titled book from Titan Comics is being described as "a rich psychological prison drama," which confuses the hell out of me as I'm not quite sure how we get from INDEPENDENCE DAY to a prison movie to RESURGENCE. I can't be the only one who is having trouble finding some sort of prison connection with the first film.

But to really sell what this could be, Steve White, editor on the project, remarks that this comic is “a golden opportunity to segue nicely into next year’s blockbuster sequel by taking the mythos of the original and maybe adding a little darkness to it.”

Uh... sure, if you say so.

I would have liked to maybe get some semblance of what's been going on the last 20 years from the film, but my guess is that that sort of careful attention to detail for this sequel isn't going to happen. Expect plenty of broad strokes with this book doing most of that heavy lifting.

INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE invades theaters on June 24, 2016.



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