Indy 4 films this June?

The rumors surrounding INDIANA JONES 4 don't seem to stop, but it's fun to indulge every once in a while and wonder if this is the one that could be true.  I try to stay away from random rumors, especially when there are so many, but this one is so interesting it's hard to pass up.  Harry Knowles got a scoop from a trusted source who he says has "been dead on right on a couple of scoops in the pass" and in his attempts to confirm said scoop got confirmation that there has been movement in pre-production on INDY 4.  Harry's scooper claims that INDIANA JONES 4 is scheduled to begin filming this June and as evidence offers up the free schedules of Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg, as well as that quote from George Lucas who said he'd start work on INDY 4 when he finished work on ATTACK OF THE CLONES.  Really cool scoop or complete and utter crap?  Probably the latter, but one can only hope, eh?...

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