Indy 4... in 3-D?

By now I've voiced my general distaste for the very idea of the unavoidable INDIANA JONES IV (IntraVenous) -- after all, with the possible exception of TRANCERS 4: JACK OF SWORDS, what was the last movie franchise that made it to a fourth entry without a significant drop in quality? But even I can't ignore the noteworthy cast members (Cate Blanchett, Ray Winstone) they've already collected to add dimension to the project.

But wait -- is there even more dimension than that?!? Current conjecture is that in order to get even more butts into bacteria-coated theater seats, INDY 4 will also be shot and presented in 3-D. Jeffrey Katzenberg, the Dreamworks honcho who isn't Spielberg or the other guy, proclaimed that more cinema chains would almost assuredly begin adopting digital tech when certain upcoming major films from A-list directors dropped onto screens. Other names mentioned besides Spielberg were Peter Jackson, Robert Zemeckis and James Cameron (who we already know loves him the 3D), implying that whatever they've got in the pipeline will have things sort of coming out of the screen at you.

Regardless of how much fabricated depth of field the adventure ultimately has, Dr. Jones will crack the whip and sore knees in May 2008.
Extra Tidbit: While the story is still top secret, the script for INDY 4 may include story elements from previous drafts, of which there were approximately 827.
Source: film ick



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