Indy trailer on V-Day?

Nothing says Happy Valentines to that special person like INDIANA JONES. Now you can give your loved one a special gift this Valentine's Day with a look a the first trailer for INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL. CHUD is reporting that Entertainment Tonight will sneak peek the footage on the the 14th, the same day it will hit theaters. While CHUD does not report on what movie it will be attached to, you can bet dollars to donuts it will be Paramount's release of THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES. Paramount is smart enough to realize they barely have to market the film to the over-21 crowd. It's those pesky kids they need to educate on the ways of Indy. You can expect the trailer to go online at the official site on Friday the 15th, good enough for a belated V-day gift. I know it would make me swoon...

Extra Tidbit: Just hearing the "Indiana Jones Theme" on the big screen might make me a little tingly down below...
Source: CHUD



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