Infinity War box office bigger than expected with $258 million weekend

Going into the weekend we all knew AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR would be big, but many doubted it could top the massive weekend of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS ($247 million). As of yesterday, it did just that as the estimates for the weekend listed the opening at $250 million. Turns out that massive number was low-balling it, because now the number has risen to an astounding $258 million, officially beating FORCE AWAKENS by over $10 million. 

According to the studios' new tally, the movie’s weekend total has risen almost $10 million after a better-than-expected Sunday. The movie amassed the largest Sunday ever (after getting the largest Saturday ever) with $69 million, an increase from the $61 million the studio was expecting. The original Sunday sum would’ve been fantastic in its own right, but like BLACK PANTHER, the turnout was even better than the already lofty predictions.

As for the global total, the cume has been raised even higher as well, with the new total going up from $630 million to $640 million. This further increases the movie’s record over the previous biggest global opener, THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS ($541 million), by almost $100 million. To put that into context, the biggest global earner for Marvel last year was SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING with $880 million. AVENGERS is pretty close to that after THREE DAYS!

I was in the category of people who didn't think AVENGERS could top STAR WARS, but clearly, I underestimated just how many were dying to see this movie, all of whom are apparently loving it. Repeat viewings are a big reason why it's making so much, as people are realizing you may have to see it at least twice to really get a grasp of the scope and the huge finale. I have seen it twice and will go in for a third, and I can't be alone on that. In other words, INFINITY WAR is just getting started. 

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is in theaters now.

Source: BoxOffice.com



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