Inglorious split in 2?

The long wait for Quentin Tarantino’s much talked about (mainly by him) film INGLORIOUS BASTARDS may very well be worth the wait. AICN has nabbed a pretty major detail from an interview Tarantino did with Enzo Castellari, the director of the original film, in which Quentin’s is loosely based. The film will apparently be split in two parts, like that other movie he did with that hot chick in yellow.

Here’s what AICN describes as the film’s basic plot: “A bunch of hardened criminals on a military transport during World War II - that got ambushed by the Nazis. Everyone but the criminals gets killed and the prisoners decide to make their way to neutral Switzerland - and must fight the Nazis and the Allies to get there. It's a true No Man's Land scenario.”

The reason for the film split is because during his research on WWII, Tarantino gathered such a wealth of info that he couldn’t stop writing. He made the announcement at Canned that he plans to be there in ’09 with BASTARDS, but if this thing is a two-parter, how the hell is he going to finish it in time?

Extra Tidbit: IMDb has Tim Roth and Michael Madsen listed as cast members.
Source: AICN



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