Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice to start shooting in April/May (Fingers crossed!)


There are several factors that contributed to me becoming the film geek that stands before you today. One of those being the many amazing films released in 1999. FIGHT CLUB, THE MATRIX, and BEING JOHN MALKOVICH are just three movies that make that year incredibly special. Another big one being MAGNOLIA, which I watch on a regular basis to this day. That's right Kevin Smith it is I...MAGNOLIA FAN.

Cigarettes & Red Vines had an exclusive sit down with long time producer JoAnne Sellar for their "Making The Master" series and when questioned about the adaption of the Thomas Pynchon novel INHERENT VICE she revealed that, "Everything should be [underway] very soon in order to start shooting then: late April/early May kinda thing." 

This would mean we should be hearing more concrete casting news shortly. Will those Joaquin Pheonix and Charlize Theron rumors end up being true?

I absolutely love PT ANDERSON and a new movie from him in such a short amount of time makes me more excited than Adam Sandler was about pudding. The man just does not make bad movies.

Granted it probably won't be hitting theaters until 2014 at the earliest, but it's better than the five year gap between THERE WILL BE BLOOD and THE MASTER.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite PT Anderson character? Daniel Plainview will always have a special (dark) spot in my heart, but John C. Riley's character in MAGNOLIA may be my favorite.



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