The first Inhumans teaser poster is out of this world

Marvel is stepping up their TV game in a big way, and with the INHUMANS series they’re going as big as you can get by debuting the first episode of the show on IMAX screens on September 1 before airing the show on ABC on September 26. To get you suitably pumped for the impending premiere here’s the first teaser poster for the show, which is truly out of this world! You’ll…you’ll get it when you see it.

Truly a teaser. A poster featuring the whole gang, like Anson Mount as Black Bolt and Iwan Rheon as Maximus to name a few, will probably come sometime later in the summer with character posters arriving possibly before that. For now this will have to be enough to tide fans over. I mean, at least the view is pretty.

Like some of the other projects Marvel is persuing in the TV department (like CLOAK AND DAGGER), I'm not terribly familar with the Inhumans. Doing some research it looks like a show could be fun and kind of crazy, so that's a plus. Putting it in IMAX for its debut is pretty nuts too. In fact, it's no nuts it just might work! Did that make sense? No? Okay.

INHUMANS arrives on ABC September 26.

Source: Marvel



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