Injustice 2 reveals trailer for Fighter Pack, includes Sub-Zero

I've been excited for INJUSTICE 2 since it's been announced. I like fighting games, I like superheroes, I like when superheroes fight, BAM it hits all the marks. I even liked the first game as well. However, as the release for the sequel draws nearer, they're now advertising Fighter Packs. This first pack includes fan-favorites like Starfire, Red Hood, and...Sub-Zero? Holy shit MORTAL KOMBAT characters are up in this shit!? Awesome!

Anyway, you can watch the reveal trailer below:

That wasn't much...until the end, where it says there are six more fighters. And you could barely make them out in the shadows behind the aforementioned Sub-Zero, Starfire, and Red Hood posing. I mean, I could definitely make out Raiden on the right and Black Manta on the left (which isn't too impressive as they have pretty iconic headgear), but not much else. Anyone else in the comments wanna try some guesses?

Either way, INJUSTICE 2 will burst onto consoles May 16th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: I always preferred Scorpion to Sub-Zero.
Source: YouTube



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