Inside Man 2 a go

INSIDE MAN Spike Lee will soon be doing what any self-respecting auteur of groundbreaking films does at this stage of his career: sell out. Not really. But he is taking a second step into the mainstream by agreeing to direct a sequel, his first ever, to his hugely popular and hugely entertaining heist flick INSIDE MAN. With HOTEL RWANDA scribe Terry George penning the script this time around, the film will take the two main characters from the original film - that of Denzel Washington and Clive Owen - and put them in a new "high tension situation". Lee apparently wants the script to be even better than original INSIDE MAN scribe Russell Gewirtz' screenplay so good luck Terry because Gewirtz' script was pretty damn terrific. Further, Washington and Owen are apparently interested in reprising their roles in the film. It's not known when Lee plans on getting production going on the film but it's a safe bet that it'll be sometime soon.

Extra Tidbit: Lee's apparently the chairman of an online film fest.
Source: THR



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