Intergalactic badass Riddick gets animated?

While we wait for the third RIDDICK movie to become reality (assuming it does), it's possible the space bastard will be seen in a form other than live-action.

According to Aussie site What's Playing, "Vin Diesel is working on a new animated RIDDICK series to run in conjunction with the new live-action flick he’s doing with character brainchild David Twohy."

The site also claims that some of the work is already done, which would be surprising for us to just now hear about it. We'll see if more details come to light. Or dark. The character was previously seen in 'toon form in the DVD movie THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK: DARK FURY (and a Flash-animated comic that's still online, though a bit archaic).

The third RIDDICK finds Vin Diesel's goggled Furyan struggling to survive against the indigenous lifeforms and some persistent mercs on a barren alien planet. (Don't worry, the whole Lord of the Necromongers thing also gets resolved.)

Extra Tidbit: Vin Diesel has over 15 million Facebook fans. Whoa.
Source: What's Playing



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