International marketing material for 10 Cloverfield Lane spoils everything

mary elizabeth winstead, 10 cloverfield lane

Just when you thought trailers in the U.S. gave away too much of a movie before you ever had the opportunity to see it in a theater, wait until you take a look at how Paramount is marketing 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE internationally. We've been getting off easy with how much we've been shown.

A new international trailer for the film has been released for the film's international release, with a new one sheet accompanying it as well, and there is no subtlety whatsoever to what is being revealed of some of the film's secrets. There are unapologetically SPOILERIFIC, not even making much of an effort to sell 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE as the intimate thriller we've already discovered it is stateside.

Now, if you haven't seen the film yet, I would suggest you avert your eyes, as the film is much more deserving of an untainted viewing. But, if you've had a chance to already take a look, you're going to be surprised with everything Paramount is willing to show to lure international audiences' collective asses into seats to see their movie.

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