Exclusive 1:1 Interview with A Good Day To Die Hard Star Mr. Bruce Willis!

There are a few things that terrify me. The idea of walking into a room with Bruce Willis – one of my childhood heroes – and being far too nervous to carry on a conversation is one of them. That is how I felt as I was prepping talking to the man whose film credits include PULP FICTION, MOONRISE KINGDOM, LOOPER, THE SIXTH SENSE and the DIE HARD franchise. I love John McClane! The DIE HARD movies are some of my favorites and one’s that I return to quite often.

Sitting down with Willis I asked him if the iconic status of the character has ever influenced him when he returns to the role. Soft-spoken and good-natured he talked about the series and his return. He also spoke about working with Jai Courtney who plays his son in the latest film A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD. Much like Willis himself, I'm all for another DIE HARD flick, what about you?

Oh and did I happen to mention how cool Mr. Bruce Willis was? If not, he was absolutely terrific! A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD will be exploding into theatres this Friday!

It's as novel to me as it is to you that one guy could get to be in all these different films over 25 years of time and seeing myself at the age of 30 and then 33, and then I think 40 and then 45 and now 57.
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