Interview: Clive Owen and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo talk Intruders!

INTRUDERS is a film that's quite difficult to talk about without spoiling its biggest secrets. Ostensibly a horror movie about a pair of young children in different locations receiving similar visits by a ghostly, hooded figure, the movie dives into pretty dark territory when addressing matters of family secrets and childhood trauma.

The film was helmed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, director of the underrated 28 WEEKS LATER (and more recently associated with the films his name has been attached to, like THE CROW and BIOSHOCK), while Clive Owen (known the world over for his turns in CHILDREN OF MEN and SIN CITY) plays a concerned father who watches as his daughter's sanity and safety are threatened by a nightmarish phantom. I sat down with the two for a brief chat about INTRUDERS' creepy villain, what prompted Fresnadillo to create this eerie tale, and what drew Owen to the strange material.

"You can't help but pass on to your children things that worry and bother and upset you."

Source: JoBlo.com



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