Interview: Don Cheadle & Ewan McGregor Talk Music and Miles Ahead!

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When a music biography is done right, it can be something truly special. And when we are talking about Don Cheadle's passion project about the legendary musician Miles Davis, MILES AHEAD is a an intoxicating musical journey. Filled with tha master's music and his turbulant relationship with the stunningly beautiful Frances Taylor, there is much to be admired. Produced, co-written, directed by and starring Cheadle in the leading role, this could have easily been a major misstep for a feature film directorial debut. However, the way he invigorates Miles electifying talent, it is easy to get lost in this engaging tale.

Don Cheadle is one hell of an incredible actor. From his work as War Machine in the Marvel Universe to his critically acclaimed small screen endeavor, House of Lies, he continues to impress. Yet what he was able to do with a part of Miles Davis' life is impressive beyond belief. When we sat down with the actor turned director, he discussed the influence of Davis and his music and the struggle to bring it all to the big screen.

Starring opposite Cheadle is the exceptional Ewan McGregor. This versatlile actor is having an absolute blast here, and he and Cheadle have fantastic on-screen chemistry. Ewan has always been a favorite of mine and this performance - a fictional journalist working on a story about Davis - is wildly energetic and exciting. The actor talked about meeting Cheadle and getting involved with the film.

Finally, we spoke to the mesmerizing Emayatzy Corinealdi. Much like watching her performance as Frances, the second I walked into the room and laid on her, I was completely under her spell. She brings an amazing beauty and grace to Frances, and like McGregor, she and Cheadle shine together. She talked about working with the actor and having numerous conversations with the real Frances Taylor. MILES AHEAD opens in LA and NY this Friday, and wide on April 22nd. It is an especially worthy musical experience.

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