Interview: Elektra Luxx hotties Malin Akerman and Emmanuelle Chriqui!

Malin Akerman and Emmanuelle Chriqui in one room! What is one to do when these two incredibly beautiful talents are together? Just realize how damn lucky you are I suppose. Yet once we started talking, it was much easier. Both were incredibly kind and absolutely lovely and they happen to give terrific performances in their latest film, ELEXTRA LUXX.

Luxx is a continuation of writer/director Sebastian Gutierrez’ WOMEN IN TROUBLE. Akerman plays the role of every porn blogger’s dream come true girlfriend. She once again proves what a damn fine talent she is by giving us the sweet and vulnerable “Trixie.” I loved this character, as did I really love Emmanuelle as “Bambi.” Both actors were able to create memorable and fascinating women who come from very different lives.

ELEXTRA LUXX opens in limited release this FRIDAY. This star-studded indie also features Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kathleen Quinlan, Adrienne Palicki, Lucy Punch, Marley Shelton, Timothy Olyphant and a very cool “Virgin Mary” cameo thanks to Julianne Moore.

Source: JoBlo.com



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