Interview: Final Destination 5 stars Tony Todd, Nicholas D'Agosto and Emma Bell

Just as Tony Todd gave life to the iconic horror figure CANDYMAN, he helped shape FINAL DESTINATION into a successful film franchise. His powerful presence as the creepy/vague dude has made the films all the more fun. While THE FINAL DESTINATION didn’t feature the actor, he thankfully returns in FINAL DESTINATION 5. And just like all the frightened folks before, Nicholas D’Agosto and Emma Bell must try and gather as much information from the man who seems to know death’s plan.

While at the junket for FD5, and best next to the original, the three actors spoke about working on the gruesome feature. It was a pleasure seeing Mr. Todd back on the big screen, especially in a role like this. We also get his thoughts on whether or not there will be a number 6 in the franchise. It was also exciting to see both Emma and Nicholas spark life into their part of this tension filled flick. Ah, romance! You have to enjoy it as much as you can when death come calling.

FINAL DESTINATION 5 is in theaters today!

Source: JoBlo.com



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