Interview: Genesis Rodriguez from Casa de mi Padre

There aren't enough appropriate adjectives that can describe the lovely and talented Genesis Rodriguez. Stunning, beautiful, funny, charming, and the list goes on and on… She is all of that and more, and she also happens to be a terrific actress. She and Jamie Bell recently were the best part of MAN ON A LEDGE and now, as Sonia in CASA DE MI PADRE, she shines again.

The second I walked in to speak with her about her latest, it was hard not to notice how much she lights up a room. She talked about working with Will and of course, the difficulty of getting on top of a horse with Ferrell’s “help.” And she also happened to mention how she loved JoBlo and I think I speak for everybody here, we love her too (see clip below interview). Go see Genesis in CASA DE MI PADRE this weekend and you won't regret it!

“He had sex with a mannequin…!”

Source: JoBlo.com



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