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I also got a chance to chat with Jason Bateman. Wearing a blond wig, glasses and a mustache, he was barely recognizable (not that I would have recognized him anyway – haven’t seen the guy since TEEN WOLF TOO). Hilarious dude though. Read below.

Jason Bateman

Can you talk a little about the look you’ve got going?

I’m wearing is a highly flammable 1975 ensemble. Got to keep flame away from it because it’ll grab you like shrink wrap. It gets hot. My glasses are from the Oscar Goldman line. You guys are old enough to remember Six Million Dollar Man, right? My hair is a super hero hair-do and its also flammable. All this puts me kinda in the geeky character of Kevin. I am the bitch to Vince Vaughn’s character. I’m the science end of our partnership. I’ve developed cocaine that is untraceable by drug-sniffing canines. And that’s how we’re gonna make our millions. Starsky & Hutch are trying to thwart that. I’m just trying to make my boss happy while trying to keep it very secret that I’m in love with him. That’s unwritten, but that’s part of my back story.

What kind of research did you have to do for your role?

Tons of coke with Vince. I tried to find some coke that didn’t smell all that bad, but as you guys probably would know – and you guys look like cokeheads - it all smells. So nothing really. I just tried to figure how best to stay out of Vince’s way ‘cause he is a comedic genius. I just try to support him.

I hear he improvs a lot, how do you manage that?

He does. Well, you can try to hit the ball back with him every once in a while, but chances are you’ll be stepping on something that he’s coming up with because he’s very quick. Then he’ll insult you in front of the crew and turn that into a laugh. It’s best to just sort of dummy-up and just support him. Stay out of the way.

Can you talk more about being his flunky in the movie?

Bitch. There’s a big difference.

What is the difference between Bitch and Flunky?

Well, Bitch you can actually, you can actually get struck by him. A Flunky, you’ll just get insulted. Vince has hit me a couple of times. He’s thrown ash trays in my face. He’s tried to light me on fire – literally - with his little zippo. That’s all bitch stuff.

Is that in character or behind the scenes?

A little of both. He doesn’t like to break character.

Do you deserve this abuse?

A little bit. For the most part no. I consider myself a pretty easy guy to get along with. Nice guy to work with, but that doesn’t matter to people like Vince. He’ll just try to kinda do what ever takes to get himself into the scene and if that means setting you on fire or bruising you, he’ll just do it.

Have you hung out with Favreau?

No, I didn’t hang out with Favreau at all. I tried to get a hold of him. Vince won’t give me his number. It’s probably for good reason. There’s probably a very good reason why Favreau’s not playing this part. It’s all been worth it. I’ve learned quite a lot from Mr. Vaughn, Mr. Stiller, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Phillips and I’m just happy to be here. Guys like me don’t get parts like this. Obviously, I did a couple of things right on the old casting couch. Today’s my last day. I’m not as sad as I thought I would be. My body seems to be having a party that I wasn’t invited to. My body’s very happy. The bruises are happy, but it’s been a good experience.

Can you tell us how you got this part?

I actually read for Vince’s part. They said ‘you were really great, the bad news is that we’re out to Vince Vaughn’. I said all right. Vince said yes, so then they threw me the bone of Kevin. Which is y’know, the Bitch. The guy that gets beat up allot. It was a little bittersweet. But believe me, it was the best day of my life when they told me I got this.

How many days did you shoot?

I was like a couple weeks on, a couple weeks off, a couple weeks on. I think a month all together, but it could have been all done in three days if they didn’t have so much money to spend on this.

Are you in any of the action scenes?

A little bit, yes. This one is a little shoot ‘em thing. Not really because not only is my guy a bitch, he’s also a pussy. So he dives under cover as much as possible and that takes him out of the action.

Did you watch the T.V. Show?

Every day. Every day after school at three o’clock. Now those were repeats though, right because this was prime-time back in the day. So yeah, I was part of the three o’clock generation.

So what are your memories of the show?

I remember Starsky & Hutch being real studs. Huggy Bear being a cool dude. The car being great. I met the car the other day. It’s pretty cool.

Did you ask if you could drive it?

No I didn’t. I knew better.

Was it the main car, or was it one of the extras?

 Jason: I don’t know. I think each one of them is a pet. They each do different things. I’m not sure which one I met, but it looked pretty cool.

Any part of the wardrobe going home with you?

No. Not one thing.

So you’re not advocating a return to the 70’s?

Not really. This gay porno mustache I had to wear is my own. I’ve taken a lot of heat on it at home. My wife hasn’t slept with me in a month. So that’s gonna come off next week.

Is it bleached blonde?

This is actually my natural color, thank you for hurting me. People have asked me if I have to get it colored. I say no because I don’t. It just works because idiot Kevin is the kinda guy that doesn’t have a manly mustache.

But seriously, are you able to improv with Vince, Owen and Ben?

Not really. They don’t let me do that. I try and then I get insulted. I try to bring some of the gold, as Vince likes to call it.  But the just mock me: ‘Oh, is that some of the gold?’ So basically I just have to sit there and kinda just take it.

So if one of them were to come over and do this interview with you, would they just step on you and dominate?

They would. They wouldn’t even give me the courtesy chuckles you guys are giving me. It’s nice. I could hang out with you guys all day. (Laughter) See, that’s like the biggest laugh I’ve got this whole fucking shoot.

Have any of your friends and family seen you in costume besides the mustache?

A Polaroid. I showed my wife a Polaroid.

What did she think?

Still not sleeping with me. I’ve been in the guest room since May.

Any particular 70’s character that you would want to play and bring to the big screen and not have to be the Bitch?

And not have to be the Bitch? What 70’s show did I really love? I don’t know; I’ll have to get back to you on that. I wanted to play Bosley in the new Charlie’s Angels thing, but they went black. I mean, I’ve got moves, I’ve got range, but I can’t do black. So, on to the next.

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