Interview: Jason Statham talks Safe!

Jason Statham is probably our only genuine action hero nowadays. The days when there were multiple stars who could open an action flick based on their name alone are pretty much over; only Statham is a reliable brand-name in the genre. Like the best rough-and-tumble leading men, he brings a combination of charisma and intimidation; he's a guy you'd love to get a beer with but would hate to piss off.

Statham's latest is SAFE, a thoroughly enjoyable homage to the no-holds-barred, gleefully preposterous New York-set thrillers of the 80s and 90s, Statham plays Luke Wright, who is a man wallowing in grief and desperation when we meet him. But a chance encounter with a terrified girl turns his life around, as he's forced to become her protector and avenger. Plenty of intense ass-kicking ensues, as you'd expect. I was recently lucky enough to sit down with Mr. Statham for a brief chat about this loving throwback to the good old days of action - although sadly, no beer was present. Plus, find out who Jason thinks should join the EXPENDABLES in their next adventure!

"We kind of know what we're doing - well, we THINK we know what we're doing!"

Source: JoBlo.com



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