Interview: Jeff Bridges & Ben Foster talk Hell or High Water!


By the time I finally took in the amazing HELL OR HIGH WATER, I was a little nervous about all the hype. What if it didn't pay off as well as I'd hoped. Thankfully, this fantastic tale of two brothers in desperate times is very likely one of this year's best. Filled with great performances from Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and Ben Foster, the David Mackenzie directed crime drama feels heavily inspired by the greats from the Seventies. And finally, the feature will soon be available on Blu-Ray and DVD - November 22nd to be exact - and you can currently find it on streaming.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with both Ben Foster and Jeff Bridges. As a huge fan of the two actors, I was thrilled to chat about this terrific film. They talked about the Seventies feel of the film, and Mr. Bridges discussed his incredible career that has spanned several decades. He even told a couple of great stories, including one about his father Lloyd Bridges, and more about working on the classic LAST PICTURE SHOW. Mr. Foster is one of my personal favorite guys to interview. He talked about building a brotherly bond with his co-star, Mr. Pine. And believe me, it works. If you have yet to see HELL OR HIGH WATER, I'd reckon you might want to get on that. You can check out HELL OR HIGH WATER on streaming here, or pre-order the Blu Ray/DVD here.

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