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MIDDLE MEN is a story of the two guys that created the code to bill online porn. Some may say a hero's story. After all, due to their work anybody with an Internet connection and an urge can satisfy, um… well themselves, from the safety and seclusion of their own home.

On a chilly Monday in December, JoBlo.com was invited to visit the set and in the morning I caught up with the production at the Las Vegas Country Club and watched stars Luke Wilson, Gabriel Macht and James Caan at work. (Read the full set report here!)

The second part of the day was about capturing the nuttiness of the red carpet arrivals at the AVN Awards. With several beautiful, scantily clad girls cast as extras, the production couldn’t have picked a better day to invite JoBlo.com to the set. The scene featured a cameo by adult film star Jesse Jane. I was lucky enough to climb into the back of a limo for a few minutes with her and her friends. A tough day at the office indeed.

I work for a website called JoBlo, an inevitably as we’re doing red carpets and stuff we get people that think we’re a porn website.

Jesse Jane – Like it’s Jo Blow, hahahaha!

Yeah, exactly. So I just wanted to get a few thoughts from you guys on how you got involved in the film?

Jesse Jane – Well, I got contacted to play myself and I thought it was really cool. I’m a fan of a lot of the guys and so I was really excited to be a part of it. I’m having so much fun. I flew in last night and we’re shooting the red carpet tonight for the AVN’s. So it’s not hard, because I have done AVN for like six years now. It’s just really fun.

Method Acting?

JJ – Yeah, method acting. They have me pose in front of the camera and, “Hey, can I take a picture with you?” Yeah, hahaha!

Lexi Baxter – I’m friends with the producer, and I’ve been acting for about a year. I’m not in the industry, but a lot of people think I am, hahaha.

JJ – You look like a porn star.

LB – It’s only because I look like you. Everybody says that, “You look like Jesse Jane.”

JJ – See, we should do a movie together.

LB – Yeah, hahaha!

Angie Canuel – I am an actor in New York. I do Broadway out there and my partner owns the Hard Rock. We happened to be on vacation. This was happening and it all kind of coincided and here we are.

JJ – I love how it works out like that sometimes.

This set definitely has a family vibe to it.

AC – It is so nice.

LB – There’s a lot of friends, yeah.

JJ – I was nervous because sometimes people are like, “Uhm, you’re a porn star.” I didn’t know if people were going to freak out or be rude, but everyone has been so awesome. I was so nervous. I was like what if they’re mean? What if they don’t like me?

LB – Everybody loves you, Jesse.

JJ – We’re all family here, everybody is really close.

AC – Everybody is so connected.

JJ – And George is so nice.

So is this something you want to do more of?

JJ – I definitely like doing different things in the mainstream. I’ve done quite a few things. I think it’s fun and something different to do than what I normally do, doing Playboy and doing movies. It’s really cool because I meet cool people and it’s just something different to do. It’s all life experience and I like to experiment with different things. So I would definitely like to do more mainstream stuff. I get excited. I was in STARSKY AND HUTCH, Baywatch: The Movie, "Entourage," I have done some MTV shows, VH1 shows. I have a movie coming out with Thomas Ian Nicholas and Stephen Baldwin called LET THE GAME BEGIN, so I’ve done a few things.

I wouldn’t have been doing my job if I didn’t spend a few minutes with you guys, so thank you.

LB – JoBlo.com?

Yeah, JoBlo.

LB – Go, JoBlo!

JJ – JoBlo ain’t no porno. Hahaha!

Source: JoBlo.com



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