Interview: John Carter star Taylor Kitsch!

Like most people, I've been a fan of Taylor since the first season of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and have been waiting for him to get a chance to carry his own film for years. With blockbusters like BATTLESHIP and JOHN CARTER as well as a dramatic turn with Oliver Stone down the road in SAVAGES, It can definitely be said then that 2012 might be the year of the Kitsch.

If you are not on board with Taylor in JOHN CARTER within the first twenty minutes, God help you. Andrew Stanton really puts the poor kid through the ringer. I haven't seen a director enjoy tormenting his lead star this much since Raimi and Bruce Campbell in the EVIL DEAD series and like those, Taylor seemed totally game with all of the bruises and beatings that must have endured. Gotta say too, Taylor comes off as a cool as hell dude as we discussed all things John Carter (JOHN CARTER OF... TEXAS?). Be sure to check out the film March 9th!

"Stanton had a personal vendetta against me. In between takes I was cursing his name quite loudly and quite often."

Extra Tidbit: I admit it... I had no idea there is a Texas congressman named John Carter. Political drama in store for Taylor?
Source: JoBlo.com



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