Interview: Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis!

It’s really hard to sit across from Mila Kunis and not be completely and utterly in awe. She is a stunningly beautiful actress who has the talent to back it up. To make matters worse, she is sitting next to Justin Timberlake, a young man who has more skills than any one person should have. Not to mention the sparks that exist between the two in their latest comedy FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS. Will Gluck’s (EASY A) latest is a wonderfully charming surprise that is far better your typical romcom. With great writing, a terrific cast and an eclectic soundtrack, it is definitely worth your time. Did I happen to mention Mila Kunis?

When the three of us got to talking about music, one line in the film struck me and I brought it up. It involves a compliment made on her characters eyes. From there on we talked a little about the movie, and about how Mila is getting better at taking compliments. After her performance in BLACK SWAN, Timberlake’s work in SOCIAL NETWORK and both of them in FWB, these two need to prepare for a whole heap of praise.

Source: JoBlo.com



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