Interview: Kate Beckinsale and Theo James Talk Underworld Blood Wars!

Do you dig the UNDERWORLD franchise? Well I do. Always have, and I'm still enjoying the ride. Yes, for me, UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS is a fun time at the movies. Much of that is because of the film's leading lady. Kate Beckinsale returns to kick lycan ass once again in this fast moving sequel. This time out, they have a brand new enemy that is likely to put a stake in  any vampire that they find. This is problematic for Selene. So thankfully, Kate is back making all of it look oh so easy. Add to that the return of Theo James, and you have yourself another fun popcorn flick that should work for those who are still having a blast with this lycan/vamp war.

It's probably no surprise that I enjoy interviewing Kate Beckinsale. Not only is she so utterly gorgeous, but she is also charming as hell. She discussed taking on yet another UNDERWORLD flick, as well as her work in the recent - and very different - LOVE & FREINDSHIP. And I didn't mind telling the actress that she looks even better now than she did when she first took on the role. And speaking of good looking, I admit that Mr. Theo James is a handsome fella. And even better, he is one hell of a nice guy. During our discussion, we talked about why the UNDERWORLD films are more fun than similar action flicks... It's the accents. And he also talked about why he isn't expecting to be a part of the DIVERGENT series when it heads to the small screen.

UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS is for fans of the franchise simple as that. If you are one of them, make sure you head to the theatres this weekend to see what kinds of trouble Selene gets into.

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