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This week, perky blonde Kate Bosworth dives into romantic comedy with WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON! She plays Rosalee Futch, a sweet small-town girl who suddenly finds herself pursued by the hottest actor in Hollywood. Though Bosworth recently turned in a gritty performance as porn icon John Holmes’ teenage girlfriend in the indie hit WONDERLAND, she remains best known as the determined surfer girl from BLUE CRUSH. Now she once again explores new acting territory with her romantic comedy debut.      

Don’t expect Bosworth to become the next Meg Ryan, though. After Tad, she moves on to another gritty role as the anorexic, alcoholic Sandra Dee in Kevin Spacey’s BEYOND THE SEA. She co-stars along with Spacey, who takes on perhaps his most challenging role yet, as heterosexual male Bobby Darin.

The last time I saw Kate, it was at a TAD promo party held a few months ago at the W Hotel.  Thanks to the open bar (courtesy of the kind folks at Dreamworks), I was pretty hammered. This time, I was (regrettably) sober at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. Here’s what Kate had to say about her latest flick...


What’s up?

I just flew in from Berlin yesterday, about two hours before the (Tad Hamilton) premiere. 

What are you doing there?

I’m shooting a film, BEYOND THE SEA. I shot until about 12 o’clock that night and I had to be on the plane at five in the morning.

How far along are you?

We’re on about the eighth week. We’ve got a few more to go. It’s amazing – it’s 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s, so it’s like full wig and makeup.

Since Blue Crush came out, have you gotten a lot of offers for more athletic roles?

Honestly, it was the most hilarious thing. I had to work so hard to convince everybody that I could portray a surfer. After that came out, everybody was like, “She’s so athletic. She’s such a sporty girl.”  I’m thinking, “Are you serious?” I had to convince people of that image in the first place.

But you’re an athletic girl, right?  You ride horses, you played soccer...

Yeah, absolutely. But if you see surfers, they’re living on the beach, surfing their whole life. They live for it. And I didn’t have a swimmer’s build.

Do you consider yourself a competitive person?

Absolutely, yeah. I would say in a healthy way. Do you know what I mean? I think that’s really important actually, especially in this business. It can be so cutthroat. And I think to keep the mentality of focusing on your own journey, your own path and what’s meant for you will be meant for you and what’s meant for somebody else will be meant for somebody else.

Did you see a lot of yourself in this character?

I basically tried to take qualities that I liked most about myself and that I would appreciate in somebody else and put it all into one character without making it too saccharine sweet. It’s more of a naive, warm, small-town girl. When I watched the film, I was sitting there and seeing myself do these quirky things that I do in life and I don’t necessarily would love the whole world to see these dorky things that I do, you know, or the laughs or the complete hilarity of situations. And I’m watching, going “Wow, this is gonna be really, really interesting.” But it was fun. Especially after WONDERLAND. That was like, “Holy shit. Get me outta here!”

When you go home after shooting, is it hard to let go of a character like the one in Wonderland?

Going home at night isn’t the hard one. It’s more like after the whole job. You sort of just sit there and twiddle your thumbs and go, “So...what now?” That’s the hardest thing for me about the movie business is that there’s no set schedule. It’s sort of like up in the air. I just found out what flight I was on a day before I was supposed to leave for here. It’s hard to live – sometimes it’s great to live by the seat of your pants, but sometimes it’s really difficult to go, “Seriously, what am I doing tomorrow?”  I need to know – for my own sanity.

Did you scream like Rosalee when you got this part?

I did. Just like Rosalee. I wanted this part so, so, so much and I’d just finished filming BLUE CRUSH actually, which was quite a long time ago. I got the WONDERLAND script and this script at the same time. I read them actually on the plane back from Hawaii. And I said to my agent, after BLUE CRUSH, I said, I want to do something really just completely different, something really dark and shocking. So then I happened to be on the plane, I read WONDERLAND. I said, God, this is great. It’s perfect.

And then I thought, yeah, but you know, we’ll see this next one. And I read the title and I thought, okay, reality TV show thing? I didn’t understand. And I read it and I fell in love with this script so full heartedly. It was just probably the most I’ve ever wanted a part. And so I landed, I called my agent, I said, I want to do them back to back. If I had a perfect, ideal world, that’s what I would want to do and like I said, when I put my heart to something, I do it 100% so it was really a combination of luck and hard work I think with those two.

Who was your Tad Hamilton?

I love that line in the movie that Katherine the bartender has when she says, “Everybody’s a Tad Hamilton to somebody.” It doesn’t really have to be a movie star. I had a few serious crushes in my life – they weren’t movie stars, they were actually normal people. But I remember thinking Brad Pitt was pretty handsome.

One of the things you realize when you meet people in this business is that everybody is so normal – really. It’s really comforting. The fun thing about this movie is that it takes a situation and exaggerates it and pokes fun at the difference between normal life and Hollywood life. And for me it’s just like, “I hope it always stays normal.” I hope it doesn’t get too insane. Everything is still normal.

What’s the best date you’ve been on?

I’ve been so, so lucky. I’ve never really been on an official date to be honest, which is really weird. The person I’ve been interested in, I’ve been with for kind of chunks of years. And so I’ve just been really lucky. It’d be hard to pick one just because of that. There’s sort of 100 magical ones which was great.

What constitutes a wild night out for you?

A wild night out? Oh God, I feel like so boring all of a sudden, searching my brain for something wild. I’m so low key. I hate to say it, but I really am. I don’t enjoy the wild side. I mean, it can be fun to go out in Hollywood once in a while and have a laugh, but that would be so occasionally. I’m mostly traveling. I’ve been traveling a lot this past year which is great.

Do you ever look forward to going home, back to a small-town environment?

Yeah. I try to keep that mentality. I’ve been in Europe a lot which has been really great. It’s been a lot of fun. I’m shooting in Berlin and it’s been really neat to travel and see Europe and it’s a beautiful place.

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