Interview: MacGruber star Val Kilmer!

Usually you have an idea what to expect when you step into a room to interview the star of a movie. I'll be honest though - I had no idea what to expect when I went in to interview Val Kilmer.

One of my favorite stories Will Forte ever told me was about how Kilmer would send Forte threatening e-mails in character during the filming of MACGRUBER. (I later asked Will if he kept any of the Dieter Von Cunth e-mails and he said he saved every one of them.) It's this kind of nutty genius that Kilmer brings to the part of Von Cunth. You'll remember just how funny the star of REAL GENIUS and TOP SECRET really is.

Turns out Val is actually a pretty funny dude in person. I'll say this - it's not your typical junket interview (that's a compliment). We talked about his roots in comedy, whether he'd return to "SNL" to make an appearance as Von Cunth and he reads quotes from the poster over my shoulder. Seriously.

Source: JoBlo.com



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