Interview: Moonrise Kingdom Director Wes Anderson!

Straight up, Moonrise Kingdom is my favorite Wes Anderson movie since THE ROYALE TENEMBAUMS and it's a rare thing to be able to talk to a filmmaker I admire as much as Wes Anderson, especially when the topic centers on one of his best films to date.

There was also an additional thrill in that this was the first skype interview I've done and it was a pretty gnarly situation. You're in a hotel room with a number of other guys around who couldn't even hear what Wes was saying, so by all accounts it seemed like I was talking to myself. Despite being in London at the time, we were able to dig into what makes his relationship with writer Roman Coppola unique compared to his previous writing partners as well as getting an update on two upcoming projects including a European ensemble with Owen Wilson.

MOONRISE KINGDOM is currently breaking limited theater records and will expand nationwide JUNE 1st!

Source: JoBlo.com



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