Interview: Moonrise Kingdom stars Kara Hayward & Jared Gilman

Undoubtably one of Wes Anderson's greatest strengths is his casting of children. This is the guy who discovered Jason Schwartzman and filled the Tenenbaum house with an ensemble of young talent. So it comes to now surprise that his latest film MOONRISE KINGDOM would center on two kids who were cast to perfection... Jared and Kara displayed a very real melancholy in their fading adolescence that cracks through the usual precocious bullshit a lot of viewers call Wes out on. So if it comes to no surprise, why did I leave so surprised? I guess the benefit of great talent is its ability to always friggin' wow you.

Too often I find underwhelming performances from kids when they are asked to rely too much on being precocious and wiser than their years. It's an irritatingly common trend in Hollywood, I guess kids genuinely acting like kids is tough. Jared and Kara pull it off as well as anything I've seen, which is especially cool seeing as how intelligent both of them seem. How excellent are those movie choices?

MOONRISE KINGDOM is currently breaking limited theater records and will expand nationwide JUNE 1st!

Source: JoBlo.com



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