Exclusive 1:1: interview with Parker star Michael Chiklis!

As far as I’m concerned, Michael Chiklis is a freaking legend. This may have something to do with his magnificent work on the FX Network series “The Shield” but the fact is the man is a powerful force whenever he is on-screen. This guy can play the kind of “heavy” that you just don’t want to mess with better than anybody. In his latest, he faces off against Jason Statham in PARKER and shows some serious brute force doing so. It helps that he is a fantastic actor as well.

When we sat down to talk to Michael, we talked about being labeled the bad guy when the real man is about as nice as you can get. We also chatted about the impressive talent that he worked with including my main man Clifton Collins Jr. It seems there was a real sense of fun while playing tough thugs to Statham’s tougher anti-hero PARKER.

If you are in the mood for some brutal Statham action, PARKER opens this Friday at a theatre near you. You can also check Mr. Chiklis out in his latest hit CBS series “Vegas.”
Source: JoBlo.com



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