Interview: Promised Land Star John Krasinski!

Simply put, John Krasinski may be the nicest actor in Hollywood. Sure there are a ton of these guys who you can sit with and really find out how cool they are, but John would top that list. I realized when I first met him four years ago, he is easily one of my favorite people to talk to. And he also happens to be a really talented fellow as well. I was a Jim fan when I used to watch “The Office,” even though I haven't seen it for a couple of years, he was always great on the series. It's also nice to see this Mr. Krasinski take on interesting big screen roles as well.

When we talked about his latest feature PROMISED LAND, we spoke about his work in comedy and how that applied to PROMISED LAND. We went on to discuss his work with Matt Damon and the connection he has to the films subject matter. I also happened to mention how damn lucky he was as his wife - the beautiful and talented Emily Blunt - showed up to say hello right before our interview. He’s got a ton of talent, he’s crazy nice and he is married to Emily Blunt! The dude has it all… he even told me he may even grow a handle bar mustache to match mine. I dig this guy! PROMISED LAND opens this Friday in limited release.

Source: JoBlo.com



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