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I could've easily worn down the number 1 key on my keyboard while typing this interview. But I decided to not put an exclamation point after every one of Raquel's answers and just put a disclaimer up here. Everything she says requires an exclamation point after it as well as [Laughs] cause she's always giggling. She's your typical grade school student who loves recess, gets picked on at school and just so happens to call Ben Affleck and George Carlin friends. Not too many fourth graders can say that. As Ben Affleck said when I talked to him, "it's a shame she has to grow up."

Where are you from?
I’m from Long Island. Purchase. I’m nine. Were you nervous about the movie stars you were going to meet? Which ones did you meet?
Yeah. Liv Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and George Carlin. What was it like when you met them?
Very funny. Did they give you advice?
Well, Kevin gave me a director’s chair because now I make my own movies, because I like going to movies. So you want to be a director?
Yeah. I also want to be an actress and a singer and later I want to be a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher. How do you know George Carlin?
Because he plays my grandpa. First of all, I didn’t know who he was because he usually does DOGMA movies. He didn’t teach you any the dirty words did he?
No. I don’t know. How is it to go back to school now with your friends?
They’re excited for me. But some of my friends make fun of my size because I’m small and in fourth grade. Do they want to be actresses as well? What do you tell them?
I give them my manager’s phone number. What’s your favorite subject in school?
Science. And recess. [Laughs] I like all the different experiments. In fifth grade I might be able to make a volcano that blows up. That would be pretty cool. Do you think you’ll get more roles because of this movie?
Yes. Because I think if they see this movie and they think I’m a very good actress, they might want me in their movie. I’m hoping that people will realize who I am, because I like signing autographs. I want to be able to go to the mall and McDonalds and everything, but I want to sign autographs because it looks pretty cool. I want to learn how to do it fast, like Ben does. What’s your favorite movie?
SELENA. Are there any kinds of movies you want to do in the future?
I want to do PAYCHECK 2! Do you like romantic movies?
I don’t like romantic movies ‘cause that’s gross. But I like action movies and comedy movies and genre movies, but I don’t like kind of romantic movies. Who’s your favorite co-star?
I like all of them the most, so I can’t pick one. They were all nice to me and they treated me very well. Was it weird having someone else play your dad?
Well, it wasn’t weird. It was exciting. But it was kind of different because my dad is much shorter than Ben, but it’s really different having someone else. Is there a specific actor or actress you really want to work with?
I loved working with Ben, Liv and George, but I would also love to work with LIZZIE MCGUIRE and Amanda Bynes, or the guy from EVEN STEVENS. So if you couldn't work it out, would you get the ferret to appear in this movie?
I asked Kevin, "Kevin? Can I put my ferret in the movie?" Because we go pet shopping and I get really bored because I don't have any friends, so I wanna get a pet. And he's like, "maybe in JERSEY GIRL 2."

Does anyone tell you that you look like Ben or Jen?
Kevin. Everyone. All my family, my friends. Kevin tells me I look like Jen and Ben. Did you get to film any scenes with Jen?
We were dancing, but I think he cut that out. What's the next movie for you?
I got a callback for a movie with my brother. And she said that me and my brother were their top choice. How did you get this part?
I auditioned. There were over 100 kids going for the part with Ben. A couple were in the room with me. There were lots of other kids going for the part. And the casting director lady was staring at me. When I got the call-back, that's when I found out they had finalized the mom, and that when I figured out, so that's why she was staring at me! When I found out I got the job, I was at my public library. My mom started screaming, then she told me and I started screaming. When you first met the other actors, was it difficult to concentrate and act?
Well, it was hard and easy at the same time. Do you get nervous when you have to go to auditions?
Sometimes, if I don't have a lot of time to go over my lines. I keep going over my lines. I don't really bring my lines in [to an audition] because usually I know it by heart without trying. But sometimes I get in there and I get nervous. Is it hard being in school with auditions and still making time for your friends?
Well, I still have a good time going to school, but my mom picks me up at the end of the day and all I miss is my friends on the busses. Did you get to spend any time with Kevin's little girl?
Yeah, she came to my hotel when I was in New York City, and she's like jumping on my bed and wearing my pajamas. It was really funny. First I wore my pajamas and my mom let her put on one of her shirts over her cloths, because she wanted to wear pajamas like me, because I was getting ready to go to bed. And she was like, "no, I want those!" She was so cute. How often do you go on auditions?
I'm not sure, I don't count. Not always twice a week. Sometimes I'll go twice a week, sometimes I'll go once a week. What's the best advice your parents have given you?
No one's better than me and I'm not better than no one. Have you seen any movies lately that you really like?
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. I like that, it's really cool. How does it feel to see yourself on the big screen?
It's very exciting seeing yourself on the screen. What's your favorite part?
Meeting different people and doing activities. Who's your favorite author?
Nancy Drew. Would you ever consider home schooling?
I just want to stay in school. I mean, I can get a tutor if I'm really low on a subject, but I still wanna be in school because I like being with all my friends and just doing activities with the whole class. I don't like being by myself. Has the movie affected your grades at all?
No. I only got one [D] the entire year, and that's better than an F. Social studies is the hardest.
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