INT: Russell Brand

One of Britain’s most talented and notorious stand up comedians is about to shock America with his raunchy and outrageously witty sense of humor. Following a successful UK TV career, Russell Brand made the transition to the big screen by appearing in ST. TRINIAN’S and PENELOPE. However, it is his commanding and hilarious performance in the forthcoming heartbreak comedy FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, that will generate a big Hollywood buzz, provoke encore chants and hopefully boost Brand’s budding film career.

Written by Jason Segel and produced by Judd Apatow, Brand portrays Sarah’s illustrious hip, new, oversexed Brit rocker boyfriend Aldous, whom she dumps longtime boyfriend Peter (Segel) for. Clearly, Brand’s amazing onscreen chemistry with the cast, improvisation skills and quick wit are some of the essential ingredients that spice up the films’ comedic recipe. I recently had a blast chit-chatting with the infamously charming and clever rockstar-clad comedian while visiting the beautiful film locale in Hawaii. Be sure to catch FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL opening this Friday and check out what Brand had to say about his self inspired character, the big hair, his special moves.

Source: JoBlo.com



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