Interview: Sam Richardson Talks Werewolves Within!

There is so much good in the fantastic new feature WEREWOLVES WITHIN from filmmaker Josh Ruben. The script by Mishna Wolff is witty and wonderful, the setting makes for an especially atmospheric werewolf tale, and the ensemble cast is utterly delightful. And then there is the brilliance of both Sam Richardson and Milana Vayntrub. The two bring ridiculous amounts of charm and chemistry to the mix, and it's impossible to not be smiling ear to ear with every exchange between them. And speaking of Mr. Richardson, with this and The Tomorrow War, audiences who may have not watched his greatness on Veep are about to make a serious discovery. Sam Richardson is the real deal.

It's always fantastic to sit down for an interview and then you find that you don't want the conversation to end. This is the case with Sam. The actor is warm, he is funny, and he is just a delightful human being on all counts. He opened up about the opportunity to play the lead in a horror-comedy like Werewolves Within. We discussed just how strange it is to release a film about a group of very different people locked in isolation together during this particular time. And the subject of genre came up, and let's just say he's a fan. Mr. Richardson also talked about his chance to play a bit of a jerk in Promising Young Woman, and with this, a reminder to not DM folks for roles they play - come on people! Either way, Sam can do it all. He's an exceptional actor - you'd know this if you've seen him on Veep - and it's guaranteed we'll be seeing much more from this very talented man.

Werewolves Within opens on July 2nd, and I can tell you from experience, it's well worth seeing on the big screen. Smart, funny, scary, and it features yet another excellent performance from leading man Sam Richardson. And next week, look for interviews with Josh Ruben, Michaela Watkins, Harvey Guillen, and Michael Chernus!

Source: JoBlo.com

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