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Always quick with the quip, the witty and beautiful Sarah Silverman has never shied away from controversial material. Her new film SARAH SILVERMAN: JESUS IS MAGIC (what a title!), which combines her live performances with musical numbers and backstage stuff, goes right for the throat, no holds barred. Be it September 11th, unwanted body hair, or the Holocaust, the always saucy Silverman leaves no stone unturned. So when I had the opportunity to ask the unconventional Sarah anything I wanted, I decided to go all out and make things more interesting. What follows is a brutal, candid, honest and very funny Q & A, which was just meant to be in good fun. (A little ribbing never hurt anyone!) Love you Sarah!

Sarah Silverman

If Jesus is Magic, then what is God?

Your balls.

On the IMDB boards, someone suggested that you titled the special Jesus is Magic and not Moses is Magic because then it would be a sin punishable by death in the Jewish religion. Any truth to this?

Nope. It's just the punchline to one of my jokes. Don't be a dummy.

What is the one true religion according to Sarah Silverman?

Jeans. At most.

(Question stolen from James Lipton - thanks Bro!) If Heaven does exist, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Eat my balls.

I read that you don't drink alcoholic beverages, but didn't Jesus even indulge once in a while, water into wine and all that?

If Jesus told you to jump off a bridge, would you?

I'm a regular guy, slightly likable, with a small amount of charisma. Does this mean that if you and Jimmy break up, I also have a shot?

Not after that question..

Your dog Duck, did you name him that, or was it Jimmy's idea of a cruel joke?

I let Duck pick his own name.

What do you think really hurts worse, sticks and stones, or names?

Depends on the size of the stick.

I didn't get your Aristocrats joke in the film The Aristocrats. Could you explain it again?

No. Suck it.

Is there any subject too taboo, that even Sarah Silverman won't talk about?

Your balls.

Do you ever surf movie websites and if you do, where would JoBlo.com rate on the Sarah Silverman scale?


What does JoBlo mean to you?

Everyman. (Who can afford a computer)

Any sassy quote I could use on the ticker tape of compliments for the JoBlo.com website? (It could go a long way to getting my boss Berge to bring me on as a full time writer, aka help a fan out!)


Being in Maxim's hot 100 '06 Women, does this mean we will be seeing more revealing Demi-Moore's-highest-paid-film-role type movies from a sexy Sarah Silverman?

Not while Jimmy Kimmel is still alive.

Any special favors to DVD clinic reviewers (umm, me!) who are about to review the DVD release of Jesus is Magic?

I TOTALLY would, but you're too ethical a writer. Crap.

Switching gears, the use of the live performance, backstage stuff and musical numbers in your film was very original. Can you tell us what inspired you to go that way with it?

One night I was doing the live show and my friend Steve Agee watched from the wings. I did some joke and flicked a fake tear towards off-stage. Only I saw this, but he pretended to catch my tear and jerk off with it, and it was so funny. I started laughing and then explained to the audience what happened, since they couldn't see. After that it occurred to me that it could be cool to do a concert movie and show moments like these as well.

Who is your favorite comedian of all time?

Steve Martin, Garry Shandling, Woody Allen, Albert Brooks, Kevin Nealon...

What's next, any new one woman shows?

A show on Comedy Central which should start airing in January.

And last but not least, how are your extras?

Good -- audio commentary, behind the scenes featurette, video for "Give

the Jew Girl Toys" and a bunch more stuff I think. Funny cat bloopers?

SARAH SILVERMAN: JESUS IS MAGIC is being released on June 6th, so pick it up and get ready to laugh your ass off! Beauty and brains; Jimmy Kimmel really is one lucky guy!

Source: JoBlo.com



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