Interview: Savages Stars Benicio Del Toro and Demián Bichir

You'd think sitting across from both Benicio Del Toro and Demián Bichir would be intimidating after seeing their work in Oliver Stone's latest SAVAGES. However, both actors have a very relaxed demeanor and are very easy to talk to. Of course, in the film, we get to see a very dark side from these two talented men.

When we spoke, they talked about playing the bad guy and how to keep it honest without going too far. While I've always been a fan of Benecio, his partner in crime so to speak is a fantastic actor as well. Demián, born in Mexico, has had a very successful career including his recent work on the hit series "Weeds" and his take as Fidel Castro in Steven Soderbergh's CHE: PART ONE and PART TWO - also starring Del Toro. The two actors each give very strong performances in the latest Oliver Stone feature.

SAVAGES opens this weekend at a theatre near you.

“Real bad guys in the real world, they love their pets…”

Source: JoBlo.com



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