Interview: 'Shark is Still Working' Producer J. Michael Roddy and SVP Universal Operations Technical Operations Mike Daruty

Back to Amity Island we go in hopes to get a glimpse of the great white shark terrorizing the beach. Well not quite, we did however take a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood to talk to some of the men behind the magnificent Blu-ray release of JAWS.

As previously mentioned in part one of the JAWS visit, the interviews were held just across from where the Studio Tour tram made its way across the dock only to be attacked by Bruce the Shark. As a fan of this particular tourist attraction, it was thrilling to walk around the docks and the cool facades that are built around it to give a sense of reality. Usually I only get to see it like the rest of the visitors at the park, so this was absolutely a dream come true.

During our visit we spoke to one of the men behind the restoration of the film, a fine gentleman named Mike Daruty and producer J. Michael Roddy whose long awaited documentary THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING is finally available for all the fans who’ve been waiting for it on this amazing release. JAWS on Blu-ray is one of the most impressive home video releases you will see this year and it is available today!

“We all know that sharks are real, it's not like some fantastical thing from another world... ”

Source: JoBlo.com



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