Interview with Skyfall's baddie Javier Bardem

November 9th sees the release of the 23rd James Band adventure, SKYFALL, produced by MGM and Columbia Pictures and directed by Sam Mendes. If you haven't already heard, the movie is fantastic entertainment, without a doubt one of the finest entries of the franchise.

James Bond has squared off against plenty of twisted villains in his time, but it's doubtful any of them have been as bizarre as Javier Bardem's Silva. To watch Javier Bardem in SKYFALL is to watch an actor at the top of his game and having the time of his life; Silva is a strange bird, but he's also extremely deadly and cunning. For Bardem, its his second instant-classic of a bad guy in the past few years. (His turn in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN already ranks as one of the most uniquely chilling characters in modern cinema.) So how exactly does Bardem get inside the heads of these people? I asked him that, and a few other juicy questions, in the interview below.

Source: JoBlo.com



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