Exclusive 1:1 interview with the gorgeous Jaimie Alexander from The Last Stand

The second I walked in the room with the lovely Jaimie Alexander, I felt comfortable. Not only is she a stunningly attractive woman but she has this amazing energy as well. Add to that she happens to be very talented and you’ve got the complete package. Thankfully, you get to see her really shine in THE LAST STAND, the latest Arnold Schwarzenegger flick. As the inexperienced deputy, she is pretty great in it.

When we sat down she talked about the rehearsal process, or what little of it there was. It was a pleasure listening to her speak about learning how to use a gun like a police officer would and how detailed it is. Who am I kidding? It was just a pleasure to listen to her say anything. With this, THOR: THE DARK WORLD and a few other films on the way, this talented actress is looking to keep very busy. Oh and watch the first minute so you can see her reaction to the name of our website, JoBlo.com. Priceless. THE LAST STAND opens this Friday at a theatre near you.

Source: JoBlo.com



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