Interview: The Three Stooges director Peter Farrelly

The Farrelly Brothers have been synonymous with comedy ever since their surprise hit DUMB AND DUMBER. From the absurd to the crude, the brothers have created such films as THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, KINGPIN and the recent HALL PASS. And finally, they are able to pay tribute to the legendary THE THREE STOOGES in a way that only Peter and Bobby could.

It is always terrific to talk to Peter Farrelly. He is a super cool, laid back dude with a wild sense of humor. We talked about how he has wanted to recreate THE THREE STOOGES for the past ten years or so. He also mentioned the genius that is Chris Diamantopoulos who is as good a “Moe” as you could ever get aside from the original of course. If you find the funny in Larry David dressed as a nun and getting bombarded with all sorts of heavy objects, you might want to check the Stooges out. THE THREE STOOGES will be slapping and poking its way into theatres this Friday!

"We had to please the hardcore Stooge fans first..."

Extra Tidbit: Which is your favorite Farrelly Brothers flick?
Source: JoBlo.com



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