Interview: The Three Stooges star Jane Lynch!

Jane Lynch is an incredibly talented actress. From her scene-stealing performances in ROLE MODELS, THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN and so much more, to her Emmy Award winning work on the hit series “Glee,” she is one of the most exciting talents in comedy today. You pair her up with The Farrelly Brothers for THE THREE STOOGES and what do you get? Jane Lynch as a nun… a super, duper nice one at that!

It is always a pleasure talking to this amazing talent and this time was no exception. She spoke about her inspiration to play “Mother Superior” to the three numbskulls and what it was like to work with Peter and Bobby Farrelly. We also chatted about taking on feature films and juggling it all in-between shooting a hit series. They don’t get any cooler than Jane Lynch folks.

THE THREE STOOGES nyuk nuyk nyuk’s its way into theatres this Friday!

“ I’m not embarrassed to admit that it still makes me laugh…”

Source: JoBlo.com



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