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I have at last sampled my first taste of a junket buffet otherwise known as a press conference. The main course was the spicy and hot Uma Thurman along with tender and incredibly appealing to the eye, Luke Wilson. Their side dishes consisted of director Ivan Reitman, writer Don Payne and supporting actor Rainn Wilson (no relation to Luke) who all gathered to give us some insight on their upcoming romantic comedy MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND.

First let me begin by confessing that in person, Thurman is far more radiant and beautiful than I ever imagined possible. To boot, she is vivacious and animated. It’s no surprise she is the muse of famous director Tarantino, who’s many films she has starred in and even received an Oscar nomination for. My personal favorite being PULP FICTION, of course! Whereas, Thurman is better known for her dramatic and action roles, Luke Wilson is better known for his comedic roles. My personal favorite of the Wilson brothers, you can’t help but melt at the sight of this incredibly handsome Texan with piercing blue eyes.

Yes, yet another hot Texan to add onto my super hottie list!! In the upcoming film MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND, Thurman is cast as controlling, jealous and needy super hero Jenny Johnson who uses her powers to make life a living hell for Wilson ’s character Matt Saunders when he dumps her. With an unusual and humorous plot twist, this is far from your ordinary superhero flick. Check out what they had to say:

Uma Thurman Luke Wilson

This is for Uma and perhaps Don who wrote this but some people are upset that it’s G-girl and not G-woman. What about this?

Uma Thurman (UT): Get a life!! Move on! Let’s just move forward. As a bonafide, full fledged and aging woman, I just love the whole g-girl thing.

What does the G stand for in G-girl?

UT: Has anyone ever heard the letter G used in a specific manner? Well, you just go with it.

There’s a lot of negativity in being superheroes. There’s a down side, an upside, which one is it for you playing a superhero?

UT: I think one of the great things about this script is that unlike the typical valiant who’s like, Oh I must go and save the world yes. I’m like that but the whole comedy is that there’s this whole reality base. Here’s this girl, like any of us who stumbles on a rock, and by the way she takes girl when she is a girl because if she calls herself woman at17, she’ll have problems. She’s just a real person. She wants to have a real life. She feels what her responsibilities are due to her powers but at the same time she really resents them. I guess that’s the human beast.

How important was it for you to do a comedy at this stage in your career?

UT: I have been trying to bust into the comedy business my whole life! They’re like no I can’t, she wants to stay in a corset, keep her in a corset and I’m like get me out of the corset!!! Thank God for Ivan to give us all a chance to have such great roles. You know it’s hard in Hollywood to do different things. I know, I know this. You know, it’s a struggle. I love comedy, in fact, I think I’ve always loved drama but I don’t’ approach it any different. I’m not a comedian; I’m not a standup. You just do it like a part. Personally I love comedies so if you don’t get to do like to watch then you get frustrated.

Is Jenny Johnson immature? She really doesn’t know how to deal with this relationship when he says it’s a triangle of jealousy, controlling and manipulative. She’s a trifecta. How do you feel?

UT: She’s just completely petulant, uncentered. She’s actually kind of fun, a New England girl, minding her p’s and q’s and b’s and v’s and s’s and y’s. Playing this character you’re throat just opens up and never closes. It’s a primal scream. When you’re half way through the movie, it’s an absolute thrill.

Do you think this is more a sex comedy than a romantic comedy?

Luke Wilson (LW): A sex comedy? No I think it’s definitely just a straight forward a comedy although there are a couple of pretty humorous sex scenes.

And you're walking around with a sore penis?

LW: That was a really fun thing because I had that idea when I was shooting something else that day and something else that night and then you get there and you have about an hour and a half of daylight and Ivan had me get out there and do that. And yea, it was fun to do that.

Have either of you watched "Fatal Attraction"?

UT: You caught my reference!!

LW: A lot of people that go see a movie like Fatal Attraction, you’re supposed to be left with the thing that don’t cheat on your wife but I knew a lot of people who were like it’s ok to cheat just stay clear of crazy people. You know, it’s not like I really have to change the way I’m doing things.

Tell us how you rehearsed the scenes with the bedroom romps?

LW: You just do them and get right into them. The funny thing about it was that usually when you have a scene like that it gets real quite on the set, people are walking around in their robes and it’s a closed set but this couldn’t have been more relaxed and fun. You have these 2 huge guys shaking the bed.

UT: He was very easy with me. And I have great precision too. They trained me, those Chinese guys.

LW: We don’t want to shy away from this whole sex thing. It’s a part of all of our lives I think.

Was that really you naked in the boardroom scene?

LW: That was me. Sure I got a little hail damage but why not show it off?

Luke could you talk a little about some of the challenges in potentially playing the straight man in this movie and Uma gets to cut loose and Rainn get to crack lines a lot.

LW: I think it kind of ties in with what Uma was saying earlier about there not being much of a difference. You’re just playing a role whether it’s comedy or drama. I found it really fun to play opposite Uma and just doing different takes. She would take it up and down. We would do ones where she would play it straight and then others where she would be over the top so it was really fun. And keeping in mind she was playing a super hero so I didn’t plan it to be a challenge playing a straight man.

Ivan Reitman (IR): I think Luke is spectacularly funny in this movie. He is the glue that holds the movie together and we come into the story through Luke’s character. It’s his point of view throughout the film and I think he’s very loose and funny. He was talking about that walk and the sex scene. What makes is the reactor that ends up adding an extraordinary amount of comedy to the movie and he is an extraordinary reactor who has all sorts of great comedic abilities and he gets a chance to exercise a lot more in this film than frankly many films I’ve seen him in.

What were some of the tougher scenes for you to shoot and I don’t mean the bedroom scenes but more in terms of special effects?

LW: The wire scenes are kind of difficult to shoot because I hadn’t done a green scene before where you shoot everything a couple of times and put plates up.

UT: This movie was actually tremendous fun because it was so spicy. There are a lot of movies that are just straight dramas and you’re just talking and a lot movies you’re just beating somebody up for many months or other activities. This movie was a good break up. We have days just doing wonderful character scenes that could be not in this superhero context at all, just classic comedy/drama talking. And other days we’d be flying around New York City swinging by your pants off a crane. That makes it fun.

There’s a burden and privilege to playing a superhero, but is this a metaphor for the lives you 3 lead as actors and sometimes superstars?

LW: There is probably only one superstar here, no offence.

UT: Sometimes I find Rainn crying in his trailer. The girls just kept him up all night long and nobody understands him, nobody talks to him for who he is. Luke, same thing. Terrible shape.

LW: I’m a pretty emotional guy. I wasn’t drawing out any metaphors like that from my life. I think I should let Uma handle that question.

UT: On some simple level, sure. Fame and just the extra specialness of it all, there’s a nice side to it and sometimes you want to be extra normal.

Uma, you do so much athleticism in your role. Are you changing what you do to keep yourself in shape and the kind of things you do to prepare for these roles?

UT: I never sit down that’s my main form of exercise. I’m just running all the time, about 20 hours a day.

What was it like working with Anna Faris?

UT: She’s great.

LW: Really fun to work with her. I was only familiar with her from Scary Movie. She had a great spirit on the set. Working with Ivan, he would encourage you to have fun and be really loose. Don wrote such a great script that something that funny I think you’re more inspired to make more funny. Anna was really good at that, she was doing a really good job on the scene but also rolling with any kind of improvisation. Everybody enjoyed working with her.

The fantasy and nightmare of a woman is tough. Uma, what was it like portraying both sides of that?

UT: For me pretty much, I see woman as incredibly strong, intense and balanced creatures. I rarely meet a meek woman anymore. We are fully up with what’s going on. I pretty much play Don’s character off the page. Pretty wonderfully drawn character. I think woman are more stronger than they’re presented to be and men are more sensitive and complicated than they are presented to be. For me it’s completely normal to look at a strong woman character. I find it odd that they are less represented in movies than the other way around.

Can you talk about what’s coming up next?

LK: I think I’m going to do the movie version of the TV show DALLAS.

UT: I’m doing a drama in the fall called IN BLOOM about a Columbine-like incident.

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