Interview: Tower Heist stars Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy!

Eddie Murphy doesn't do many interviews. He especially doesn't do many interviews with half-baked internet weirdos from New Jersey. But on this occasion, I got lucky to talk to Murphy and his TOWER HEIST co-star Ben Stiller.

At the time I spoke with Murphy and Stiller, their promotional rounds to push TOWER HEIST hadn't yet begun. And Stiller had just come off hosting "Saturday Night Live," where Murphy was rumored to make an appearance. Contrary to recent statements by the actor (like yesterday's appearance on "Ellen"), this did not seem to be something that interested Eddie Murphy.

I could talk SNL history all day long so I couldn't resist bringing up the rumor and a potential return to the stars. Murphy couldn't resist ignoring the question, letting Stiller do all the talking. I followed up with another return many people would like to see from Murphy - a return to stand-up. While he didn't rule it out completely, it didn't sound like it was something he's actively planning.

All this said, I got to sit across from Eddie Murphy while he did the "nerdy white guy" voice at me, which was a surreal moment, even for someone who's mostly jaded by the junket experience. Murphy was the first A-list star I remember as a kid, even before Schwarzenegger, and an absolute comedy legend (I think I wore out my copy of "Delirious" on VHS).

And listen, Stiller is no slouch either. I felt bad I didn't have more time to talk to both of these guys in-depth but they were already trying to wrap me up by the time I said hello.

Check out our exclusive chat below where we talk Oscars, SNL, stand-up and a chance encounter at a Coffee Bean that lead to TOWER HEIST.

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