INT: Tyrese/Duhamel

Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson are both in TRANSFORMERS, and they both get to play action… big time. Tyrese, who is no stranger to this type of genre, seemed very comfortable in the shoot em’ up style, see 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS… or don’t. But Josh is from a different background, including his work on the television series "Las Vegas" and also the feature films, TURISTAS and WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON.

So how did he fare? Damn good I tell ya. He is mucho charismatic and quite believable as a soldier battling jumbo size robots. When I got a chance to sit and chat with these guys, I really enjoyed the experience. They were both genuinely nice guys even in not the most comfortable situation. You see, the hotel room where the interviews were being held seemed as if air-conditioning didn’t exist. Yet they both were very cool, very professional, Josh even mentioned that they were cranky, but they couldn’t have been nicer. Great guys and they both kick some major Decepticon butt.

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Source: JoBlo.com



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