Interview: Zoey Deutch Talks Repeating a Day and Before I Fall!

Zoey Deutch is beyond charming. Over the past few months we've been seeing more of her thanks to films like WHY HIM? and the upcoming BEFORE I FALL. And frankly, judging from her terrific performance here, we'll be seeing quite a bit more from the actress. In the new feature, based on a YA novel, a young woman winds up living her own version of Groundhog Day - she must relive the same day for unknown reasons. And thankfully, Ms. Deutch conveys the frustration, fear, and all other emotions that would most assuredly arise in that situation.

It is a huge pleasure sitting down with Zoey. On every level. When I first arrived, I brought up the obvious comparison to her mother Lea Thompson. In fact, there are several moments in BEFORE I FALL where it is wonderfully clear. During our conversation she discussed what kind of day she'd want to relive, and just how much rehearsal time she had. Zoey is incredibly sweet, and I look forward to seeing her continued success. And you can check her out this weekend when BEFORE I FALL drops into a theatre near you.

Source: JoBlo.com



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