Int'l Heartbreak poster

I'm really wondering if that exquisitely shaped leg in the new international poster for THE HEARTBREAK KID belongs to up and comer Malin Akerman (who was cast as the Silk Spectre). If it does, yowza. If it doesn't, yowza anyway, and I'm sure Malin's stems are equally as formidable. But shit that's hot. Don't be scared of her Ben! Can't you look past her psychotics, rashes, and horrifying bitchiness to appreciate the hotness that stands ready and willing in front of you?

If you guys are confused as to what I'm talking about, THE HEARTBREAK KID is about a man (Stiller) who marries what he thinks is his dream girl, only to find out she's the exact opposite (nightmare girl?), and then of course, he falls for someone else, played by the lovely Michelle Monaghan. This is supposed to be the Farrelly Bros.' long-awaited return their R comedy roots that got them their original fan-base. The movies is released on October 5th.

Extra Tidbit: Malin Akerman comes from my home town of Toronto. Represent what!!!
Source: impawards



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