Intriguing new stills from Iron Man 3; and a poster for Pepper Potts

There's a ton of good photos hitting this morning! Moving from one superhero to the next, we have some new pics from IRON MAN 3 thanks to Empire Magazine. There's some rather intriguing things going on here. One of them is Tony wearing the A.I.M. shirt. I'm loving the small reveal here. I can bet that a soon as everyone saw the acronym they furiously started to google what it belonged to. What does this mean for the rest of the Marvel universe of upcoming comic films (I'm talking to you, X-MEN)? A.I.M. started out all nice and cuddly for kick ass scientists, but wound up making one of the most popular villains known the fans. There's way more to it than that, so if you want a more detailed explanation, head here.

We also have a new character poster for Pepper Potts. Just tear my heart out why don't you?! Also, might want to keep that safe, Pepper. The Mandarin might be borrowing it later as a foot rest. Empire was also kind enough to share their cover for this week-- Tony Stark looking like a hot piece of ace. He's suit might be broken, but his will isn't.

Check out all the awesome goodies below.

Source: Empire MagazineCBM



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