Iron Fist gets March release; New image shows Finn Jones kicking every ass

LUKE CAGE came, saw, and took the world by storm. In fact, the storm was so strong the show is said to have caused the Netflix crash last weekend that had the world in a tiffy. That’s true power. But now it’s time to look to the future, a future ruled by Iron Fist in his show titled…wait for it…IRON FIST. For the longest time we have only known that the show would debut sometime in early 2017. We now have an official release date from Marvel and, my friends, spring really is going to be magical next year.

Marvel and Netflix released a new teaser for the show (which is about as teaser-y as it can get) that announces the release date of the show as March 17, 2017. Don’t believe me? Well then eat a punch of I-told-you-so bananas because I have proof right here!


If that doesn’t satiate your thirst for IRON FIST, then maybe this new image that came along with the new teaser will, showing Finn Jones as Daniel Rand a.k.a. Iron Fist in action. But I've never been good at describing pictures, so here it is:

At first glance the image just looks like a guy jumping at another guy, but in the background you can clearly see more people wiped out on the floor than actual bits of floor. Jones as Iron Fist is cleaning house here, which means he will be kicking as much ass as we can hope for in the upcoming Netflix show. Then, it's onto THE DEFENDERS. No ass will be left unkicked!

IRON FIST with Finn Jones is set for March 17, 2017.

Source: YouTubeMarvel



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