Iron Man cameos

A little while back, sneaky little Jon Favreau put an emphasis on the word 'swank' in one of his Myspace blog entries, causing a minor shitstorm of speculation that Hilary Swank would be making a cameo in IRON MAN. I read the blog entry myself and believed it, but I also didn't think a cameo from Hilary Swank was such a big deal. Sure there's a couple of Oscars lying under her couch at home, but she ain't no Tom Cruise if you know what I'm sayin'.

Either way, Marvel head Avi Arad just confirmed to MTV that Swank will indeed be making a cameo in the film. When asked about the Swank cameo, a stunned Arad responded with “How do you know [about that]?,” and then after a moment admitted that “It’s a cameo.” How do we know about it? Maybe because your director gave it away in a not-so-subtle clue.

Arad also admitted to a much-rumored Sam Jackson cameo as Nick Fury: “The Sam thing was supposed to be the biggest secret of them all, it’s amazing how it got out.” This Nick fury appearance screams spin-off to me, especially if the movie is a huge success, but I'm not exactly sure what the Swank cameo is all about. She seems like a random choice to me, and no word yet on who she'll be playing, although some have her pegged her as a special agent. Maybe she has a crush on Robert Downey Jr.? I know I'd do anything to work with him.

Extra Tidbit: Swank gained 19 pounds of muscle for MILLION DOLLAR BABY.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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